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Unasco Copper Anti-Seize Tape

Unasco Copper Anti-Seize Tape


Significant advantages in aggressive conditions

Unasco Anti-Seize Tapes consist of specially formulated high temperature metallic or ceramic powders dispersed through a PTFE matrix. At low temperatures (<260°C), the PTFE provides lubricity on thread surfaces. At high temperatures, the PTFE depolmerizes depositing the high temperature powders on the thread surfaces which act as a lubricant during disassembly.

For general purpose anti-seize applications on most types of metal fasteners.

  • Gold: -268°C à 260°C
  • Copper: -268°C to 1 186°C
  • Nickel: -268°C to 1 300°C
  • Ceramic: -268°C to 1 300°C
Unasco Copper Anti-Seize Tape

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